Vision Georgetown Update

The Town of Halton Hills recently released its Draft Preferred Land Use Plan for the Vision Georgetown lands, a 1000-acre development between 10 and 15 Side Roads, and Trafalgar Road and Eighth Line. The Vision Georgetown plan is slated to accommodate roughly 19,000 new residents, occupying 3,478 detached homes, 1,950 townhouses and 1,207 apartment units. It is also expected to bring roughly 1,700 jobs to Georgetown.

Draft Preferred Land Use Plan

I attended the Public Open House on September 20th. My “meeting minutes” are outlined below.

The planned population and urban growth expansion in Halton Hills was mandated by the Ontario Government in 2006 with the Places to Grow initiative that mandated population and job expansion across the province.

The Draft Preferred Land Use Plan is the result of two previous public meetings. The Plan includes 1 public high school; 3 public and 2 separate elementary schools. The developers and builders that own property within the Vision Georgetown lands include Mattamy, Fernbrook, Lormel, Country Homes, and the Conservatory Group.

When will we see a sales office pop up?

To put things into perspective, Georgetown South took 25 years from inception to completion. The Vision Georgetown concept was first conceived and presented to the public in 2013. It has taken this long to get to this point in the process due to technical issues pertaining to identifying the environmental lands and floodplain areas on the proposed building site. The Town estimates it will take more than half the time to complete development of the Vision Georgetown lands; approximately 10 years. Why only 10 years compared to 25? Water is coming from Lake Ontario (municipal water instead of well water); municipal water is better able to support rapid growth.

The powers that be will now take the feedback from the Public Open House held on September 20th, 2017 and draft a Secondary Plan. They hope to do this by the end of this year. The Town will invite the public to review the Draft Secondary Plan in early 2018. They anticipate a Final Secondary Plan by the end of 2018. We likely won’t see sales offices popping up until 2019, with building starting in 2021.

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