An Update on the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan

New Home Development Coming to Georgetown South

Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan

Many people are looking forward to the Vision Georgetown project, a new neighbourhood set to brim with homes, commercial opportunities, and tranquil, green spaces in southwest Georgetown. Due for completion in 2021, the development will provide 19,000 homes within easy access of 1,700 jobs across a pedestrian-friendly retail and business hub.

South Georgetown is an ideal location for the development: the Georgetown community already fosters economic success, healthy lifestyles, and neighbourliness. New locals will also enjoy a flourishing natural heritage system and easy connections to wider Georgetown and beyond.

Approving the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan

In July 2018, the Council for the Town of Halton Hills adopted the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan (a land use planning study). The Town Council then passed the Secondary Plan and Notice of Record on to the Region of Halton for review under the Planning Act. 

Since the Region of Halton received the Secondary Plan, the Town Council updated certain studies to meet regional and conservation authority requirements. These studies include transportation, stormwater management, and the area servicing plan.

The Region’s Draft Decision on Vision Georgetown’s Secondary Plan

The Town Council received notice of a Draft Notice of Decision from the Region in December 2019. This draft decision contains 96 proposed modifications to the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan, though most of these are minor. The Region cannot provide final notice of a decision until the Town Council approves the modifications.  

The Town Council has produced a report to provide recommendations in response to the proposed modifications. Most of the modifications are of a technical or housekeeping nature. Others refer to Halton Region’s Natural Heritage System (NHS) components and development phasing. The NHS results when various natural areas, such as woodlands, wetlands, streams, creeks, valleylands, and meadows, which provide habitat for diverse plants and animals, are connected and protected for present and future generations. Overall, the proposed modifications will not require major amendments to the guiding principles, community structure, land use plan, land budget, or the housing mix and transportation network detailed in the Secondary Plan.

The Town Council has concluded that the Region has maintained the Secondary Plan’s overall intent and, as a result, is recommending the modifications for approval.

Appeals Against the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan

In March 2020, municipal government staff requested support from the Town Council on a staff report with an overview of the modifications. Once the government staff receive notice of the final decision, the appeal period will begin.

However, the Town Council expects that some landowners will appeal against the Secondary Plan. Construction detailed in the Secondary Plan cannot begin until the Town Council has settled any appeals.

Vision Georgetown’s Guiding Principles

There are 14 guiding principles that have been established to achieve the vision set out for this new expanded area of Georgetown. The principles will:

  1. Build a well-connected community that integrates with wider Georgetown and surrounding communities through roads, paths, and trails.
  2. Provide substantial commercial and institutional facilities in close proximity to homes. Nearby facilities will reduce reliance on vehicles and promote a green neighbourhood.
  3. Protect natural features and produce green spaces to encourage exercise and social activity.
  4. Create community focal points for social activity within and between neighbourhoods.
  5. Offer a variety of housing types to suit all ages, incomes, abilities, and household sizes.
  6. Provide high-quality, pedestrian-friendly commercial and retail developments.
  7. Retain the town’s small-town character through a design that contributes to civic pride.
  8. Ensure easy access to a multitude of green spaces, enabling recreation, social activity, and community events.
  9. Establish and, where possible, co-locate accessible community facilities to empower all residents and visitors.
  10. Provide a safe transportation system that efficiently accommodates pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and future public transit.
  11. Develop the local economy with a thriving business environment and new job opportunities.
  12. Introduce infrastructure in a way that minimizes environmental and social impacts. Infrastructure developments will also consider operational and financial needs, as well as consider long-term maintenance requirements.
  13. Encourage sustainable development practices. The Town Council will employ innovative approaches to maximize energy conservation and resources.
  14. Conserve built-heritage resources and cultural monuments, retaining Georgetown’s rich history.

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