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2007, 2020

Multi-Generational Households | Why So Many Millennials Live with Family

Why So Many Millennials Are Moving Into Multi-Generational Households The pros and cons of living in a multi-generational household while saving for your own home Buying a property can present challenges for first-time buyers, who often stick to renting because they can’t afford starter homes. Usually, these [...]

1307, 2020
  • Long-Term Mortgages | Benefits of Long-Term Mortgages in Canada

Long-Term Mortgages | Benefits of Long-Term Mortgages in Canada

The Benefits of Long-Term Mortgages in Canada While short-term mortgages are the norm in Canada, long-term mortgages would offer a wealth of benefits to borrowers, lenders, and investors Long-term mortgages are relatively uncommon in Canada. In fact, only 2% of mortgages issued in 2018 had fixed-rate loans [...]

2906, 2020

Home Buying Fees | 7 Closing Costs on Top of the Down Payment

7 Home Buying Fees To Consider on Top of the Down Payment Prepare your budget effectively by allocating funds for these 7 home buying fees when hunting for your new property Though searching for a new home is exciting, many buyers save up for their down payment without [...]



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